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Detailed Glossary of Diecast Model Car Terminology
Detailed Glossary of Diecast Model Car Terminology

This glossary provides definitions and explanations for common terms used in the world of diecast model cars. Understanding these terms will enhance your experience in collecting and appreciating diecast models.


1:10, 1:18, 1:24, 1:32, 1:34, 1:100 Scale – Indicates the relative size of a diecast vehicle. Sometimes represented with a slash, as in “1/18” scale. This ratio reflects the size of the model in comparison to its full-sized counterpart.

Adjustable Steering

A feature found in some diecast cars that allows the front wheels to be turned independently of the steering wheel.

Blister Packaging

Packaging consisting of a protective plastic and/or cardboard shell, often with a hole or J-hook for hanging.

Bubble Packaging

A type of packaging using a protective plastic shell that wraps over an item, allowing visibility from the top and sides.


An action feature where the toy changes directions after bumping into an object.

Cartelli Rims/Wheels

A popular type of rims/wheels found on some diecast cars. For visual reference, see the Toy Wonders Guide to Wheels & Rims.

Case Lot and Case Pack

Large quantities of an item packaged directly from the manufacturer, often offered at a discount.

Additional Terms

Cuda – Abbreviation for Plymouth Barracuda.
D/C – Abbreviation for “Die Cast Metal”.
Display Box – A box that houses items without individual packaging, used for both protection and display.

This glossary covers key terms used in the diecast model car community. Familiarity with these terms will enhance your understanding and enjoyment of diecast car collecting.

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