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Beginner’s Guide to True 1/64 Scale Model Cars
Beginner’s Guide to True 1/64 Scale Model Cars

A Beginner's Guide to True 1/64 Scale Model Cars

Welcome to the detailed world of 1/64 scale model cars! Whether you're a dedicated collector or a budding enthusiast, understanding true 1/64 scale models is key to building an impressive collection. Here, we delve into the manufacturers renowned for their true-to-scale and almost true-to-scale models.

Understanding True 1/64 Scale

In true 1/64 scale models, every dimension is precisely 64 times smaller than the actual vehicle. This accurate scaling means when different models are placed side by side, they reflect true size comparisons, just like real cars.

True 1/64 Scale Manufacturers

Let's explore the leading brands in true 1/64 scale model manufacturing:

  • Tomica Limited Vintage: Known for outstanding quality, they focus primarily on older Japanese cars and select European models, such as Alfa Romeos and Audis.
  • Kyosho: Offers a broad range of models with good quality, covering various tastes at a more affordable price than Tomica Limited Vintage.
  • Minichamps: Primarily known for 1/43 scale models, but their 1/64 offerings often exceed expectations in quality, sometimes even surpassing Tomica Limited Vintage.
  • AutoArt: Known for a modest but respectable range of 1/64 models.
  • Auto World: Specializes in U.S. cars, offering quality comparable to Tomica Limited Vintage, particularly in their premium lines.
  • Neo Scale Models: While mainly known for 1/43 scale, their 1/64 scale resin model cars and trucks are highly detailed, albeit pricey.
  • Greenlight: Offers models with generally accurate proportions focused on Film/TV themes. Known for being budget-friendly.
  • M2: Displays mixed quality across their range; some models are well-made, while others might fall short.
  • TSM MiniGT: A newer player in the market, showing steady improvement over time. Notable models include the Pagani Zonda Roadster and NSX GT3.
  • Tarmac Works: Known for their diverse range, though with varying reports on quality.
  • Schuco Edition:64: A German brand focusing mainly on European models, offering decent quality at reasonable prices.
  • Spark: Renowned for their detailed endurance race cars, including LMP and GT3 models.
  • Tamiya: Provides excellent 1/64 scale models with features like opening doors and detailed interiors on select models.
  • Konami: Produces quality 1/64 scale models, similar in style to Kyosho.
  • CM's: Specializes in highly detailed Rally cars from various eras, known for their precision.
  • Aoshima: Respected for their plastic model kits and detailed 1/64 scale models, including modified cars in the Grachan style.
  • Hot Wheels Black Box/100%: Offers models that are true or very close to 1/64 scale, maintaining some classic Hot Wheels styling.
  • Malibu International: Known for their true 1/64 scale models.
  • Oversteer: Specializes in modern Mazdas and Toyotas, with quality on par with Kyosho.
  • Vanguards (trucks only): Focuses on British vehicles, primarily trucks, true to 1:64 scale.
  • Biante: An Australian brand, well-regarded for their Holden and Ford models, known for excellent detail and accuracy.
  • Autorozza: A now-defunct Hong Kong-based manufacturer, known for their exceptional detail in 1/64 scale models, primarily sold in the Japanese market.
  • Doyusha: Offers a range of modern Kei cars, comparable to Kyosho and Aoshima in quality.
  • SpecCast Collectibles: US-based, known for their true 1/64 scale diecast trucks and farm models.
  • Del Prado: Publishes partworks with 1/64 models in their series, though scales can vary even within a series.
  • Tonkin Replicas: Another US manufacturer specializing in 1:64 scale promotional diecast trucks.
  • Inno64: Offers high-quality models, albeit at a higher price point.


Not Quite True 1/64 Scale Models

Some models may not strictly adhere to the 1/64 scale but still hold a place in collectors' hearts:

  • Johnny Lightning: Known for quality and detail but with variable scale and proportions.
  • Tomica Premium: Often accurately scaled but with variations, such as 1/61 or 1/59.
  • Tomica Limited: Discontinued line, more akin to the current premium line with variable scales.
  • Siku: Generally accurate within their scale range, which varies from 1:72 to 1:50.
  • Norev: A French manufacturer known for excellent detail and proportions, but not consistently 1/64, often closer to 1:50.
  • BBurago: Although labeled 1/64, these models are often slightly larger and have oversized, stylized wheels.
  • Matchbox: Primarily a toy maker, but some models are surprisingly accurate for their price range.
  • Majorette: Older models are scaled, with new Majorette models varying from 1:50 to 1:70-ish.
  • Tomica Basic Line: Offers a range of scales, with accurate body designs and consistent quality.
  • Racing Champions: Known for premium diecast models, these fit within the box rather than adhering strictly to 1/64 scale.
  • Corgi: A traditional British brand, Corgi has shifted its focus to the nostalgia market, producing a mix of 1/64 scale items and other scales, often targeting the higher-end collector.


Choosing the Right Model for Your Collection

Whether you gravitate towards the exactness of true 1/64 scale models or appreciate the artistic variations of almost true-to-scale models, there's a rich diversity to explore in the world of model cars. The right model is the one that resonates with your personal taste and complements your collection's theme.

At Laudoracing Models USA, we offer a wide range of high-quality model cars to suit every collector's preference. Browse our collection today and find the perfect addition to elevate your model car collection.

Begin your journey into the delightful world of model car collecting with Laudoracing Models USA – where quality meets passion in every scale.

Happy Collecting!

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